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PT Hitachi Asia Indonesia - " High Impact Trainers "



" High Impact Trainers "


The managers of Hitachi Group of Companies want to improve their presenting skills so that every presentation materials they have prepared can be presented in an effective way, and make every presentation time an interesting and impressive time to share.

Idea In Brief

1. To quickly changed the presentation style of participants into the style of a professional presenter.

2. To guide the participants to explore their strengths in presentation and build the strength into the professional style

3. To make participants able to continuously improve their presentation skills based on the guidelines provided.
2 days workshop (16 hours)
The Instructor
Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, MBA.

Relevant Experience:
He has been a professional presenter for 20 years, other than training corporates, he is also lecturing at MM Universitas Indonesia, MM Universitas Pelita Harapan, MM IPMI, MM Bina Nusantara, and Postgraduate Program of Londons School of Public Relations. He has the experience to be a national and international speaker, and also he has been a speaker for Radio program, TV programs, and being invited in lots of mass media. He has been delivering this Train the Trainers workshop for many clients, including Telkom, XLAxiata, HSBC, and many others.